Hotel full of many possibilities

Our team of experienced service always meet the expectations of our guests. We create an individual catering and entertainment offer having regard your culinary preferences and the budget for private and business meetings.


For our exceptional Guests we have at your disposal the rooms for one or two persons with separate beds and the Lux type rooms. Additionally, there is at your disposal the laundry, room service, drink bar around the clock, casino and paid attended parking.



Get smitten by warm and cosy interior. Discover the secrets of our Chef, explore the new menu, relish variety of the dishes served.


Special offers

Our website updated monthly on special offers, which will be hard to resist you.


Magnificent moments on the observation deck

This extraordinary place on the 11th Hotel floor, where you can admire the beatiful panoramic view of Lublin.
The perfect place to organize your family or business meetings


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Conference and banqueting halls

In our conference and banquet Centre we currently have 10 halls allowing every of special events and business meetings.

We organise conferences, congresses and also balls up to 450 guests. Great feeling with us have both large and small groups.


Victoria Hotel *** Hotel - Conference Centre Lublin is a good choice to organise business meetings, conferences, trainings and all kind of events.



We offer 6 conference rooms of total surface area 1000 m². These rooms constitute excellent base for organization of trainings, conferences or business presentations.


Occasional events

High quality service meant that specialized in organizing wedding receptions, banquets, gala dinners anniversary and many other events.